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Locking Pliers

Gong Maw develops various forms of locking pliers, including C-Clamps, pinch off pliers, crimping pliers, needle nose pliers, and etc, for different applications, such as welding, soldering, plumber, woodworking, automotive repair and etc. in order to improve users’ convenience and efficiency.

GongMaw, a professional OEM/ODM manufacturer in Taiwan since 1979, specializes in production & development of hand tools, such as Locking pliers, C-Clamp, Axial pliers, Grip Wrench, Vice grip, tools for welder, woodworker, plumbers, mechanical engineer, and etc.

With years of experiences, the advanced equipment and supportive employees, GongMaw extends the careers to forging, stamping and injection processing. Nowadays, not only we can supply the hand tools with quality, but also the OEM parts, such as automotive parts, machinery components, hand tools, bike parts, pump components, engineered stampings, welded assemblies, and etc.

GongMaw has the standard quality control, the latest technology, the innovating ideas, the high production capabilities, thoughtful service and value added service. We are here to fulfill your requirements. Let us help by working along your side from conception through production to completion.