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value-added services

Gong Maw offers all in one experience, quality product from start to finish!


Communication plays a crucial role in the whole process. Gong Maw pays attention to customers’ requirement, with a focus on clients’ applications and comes up with solution to avoid any potential obstacles during the production in order to fasten and cost down the process.


When it comes to an agreement, Gong Maw’s RD group provides 3D/2D drawing of the project for clients to verify. Gong Maw is equipped with a 3D printer for sampling. Customers will be able to grasp a basic understanding of the project with these samples. Customers can provide feedback after the confirmation. Production will only take place after the confirmation. A small batch will be produced for quality check, then we will deliver another sample to the customers for a final check.


Once the sample is confirmed, we will close the project and bring the end product to a mass production stage then deliver to the customers. Gong Maw takes care of customers’ requirement and make sure every aspect of the project is well taken care of.


Specialize in custom forging and providing products with highest quality standards with experienced team to exceed your expectations!

With Gong Maw’s round cutting machine capable of cutting 13mm-25mm diameter steel bar, the steel bar will automatically then fetch to induction billet heater set to 1150 degree Celsius. The heater provides the benefits of fast heating, precise temperature control, minimum loss, easy operation and stable outcome with the means to improve overall quality.

After the heating process, the product will then be sent to the forging process split into 3 steps. The first 2 steps are two 600 tons hot forging press. Gong Maw has the ability to reduce tooling load and press load while increase ductility of the steel. The speedy stroke that equipped by the press can minimize the contact period in order to increase the life cycle of the tools. Then the final step concludes the whole process with trimming and delivery.

This process provides alloy steel with durability and better life-cycle. Each station is connected with steel plates delivered by conveyor, the delivery between each station not only making sure the safety of the workers, but also protect the products from dropping.

The forging process provides high density and durability for the products, the impact resistance and strength are also guaranteed to be superior than other products in the market.

Forging press assures parts which can be widely applied in various field, including automotive components, hand tools, medical equipment, appliances, motor, mechanical components, building materials, bicycle parts, accessories, decorative and etc.

With years of expertise, Gong Maw is equipped with state of the art equipment to improve efficiency and quality, becoming a leading role in the forging industry.


With 40 press machines and the capability from 1.5 tons to 260 tons, we are able to practice precision metal stamping and to supply different kind of process and parts.

The steel coils are fed to the stamping station with advanced feeding station. With three 1.5 tons, sixteen 2 tons, one 4 tons, eight 5 tons, one 80 tons, one 110 tons, one 160 tons and one 260 tons press, Gong Maw is able to manufacture with different kinds of requests. With an addition of seven robotic arms, Gong Maw is able to provide precise, high quality parts with fast delivery.

Stamping products are widely applied in hand tools, automotive manufacturing and repairs, home hardware, plumbing, key chain, etc.


Providing high quality injection products with precise and efficient production.

Gong Maw is equipped with 2 units of Fully Electric Injection Molding Machines made in Japan with clamping force up to 100 tons. Precise and efficient molding capability can decrease the defective rate while accelerating efficiency.

Value-Added Service

Customized your own unique product!

Gong Maw is able to provide service of printing logo and pattern on plastic, metal, rubber, etc. Thanks to the 2 units of pad printing machines can easily deliver a pair of parts every 12 seconds. Introduce 2 laser machine to customized your products by lasering your designated pattern.