Advantages-Gom Scan

The optical 3D fringe projection scanner with Zeiss lens helps GongMaw to improve accuracy and efficiency.

It can deliver the foundation for detailed and accurate 3D meshes. With the integrated software, it helps to apply the mesh to 3D printing, reverse engineering, inspection and manufacturing process improvement. Moreover, we can receive high quality data, generate precise meshes and have the 3D data easily and fast.


The Process


Spray coat the object with a titanium powder to improve scan accuracy.


Put on reference points


3D Scanning


3D software editing


Reverse engineering

This new technology turns an exist object into a 3D mesh which allows us to do necessary revise to optimize the tool and shorten the timeline of new project.


Drawing Comparison

Product in mass production can be scanned to 3D meshes, and then can do the full comparison with the 3D drawing or directly with the CAD data.
This technology can help us to understand the differences and save the measurement time.


Precise full scale measurement

No need to break the object, our engineer can know every dimensions of the object, not only save the measuring time, but also knowing accurate statistic to evaluate necessary improvement.


Trend Analyzation

We are able to obtain the measurements of the object in any angle much more accuracy and fast.
With these statistics, we can run the analyzation of CP-CPK, PP-PPK, Avg, Sigma, Max, Min…etc.


Production process improvement

With the technology, we are able to run digital assembly to analyze the best assembly way.

At the development stage, it can help us to simulate the combination of the individual parts digitally, even if the parts haven’t been produced. Besides, we can also improve the mounting process and technical challenges via the simulation.

At the production stage, it helps to improve manufacturing process.


Tooling maintenance, duplication and rebuilt

Tooling is the mother of all the assembly parts, so it’s important to make sure the tooling is in good shape.
Thanks to the scanner, if the tooling is under abnormal status, we can find out the problem quickly and come out the solution.
Moreover, it also can help us to duplicate tooling fast, rebuilt the damaged tooling and restore its CAD statistic.