Social Responsibility

GongMaw is committed to fulling our corporate social responsibilities, building a sustainable community and
creating values for the environment and society.

Gong Maw’s Sustainable Development Vision

Through building a sustainable business management and service pattern to provide diversity hand tools with green materials and improve customer services. Eventually to promote and support our business partners to incorporate sustainability to build a sustainable hand tool environment together in order to become an international leading sustainable company.



GongMaw is a member of SEDEX, the world largest supplier data exchange platform for sharing sourcing data on supply chains. We are audited by SMETA to ensure our conducts meet the criteria of labor right, health and safety, the environment and business ethics. Thanks to the system, it drives us to gauge and improve our sustainability performance.

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Employees contribute themselves in Taichung City Love Home to be of help with educating the children, cleaning up the environment, organize the receipts and so on.


GongMaw donates rehabus, natural disaster fund, rescue equipment and so on to contribute to society.

Minimizing Waste & Resource Recycling

  • Digitalize as much as we can on documents to reduce paper waste.
  • Recycling the injection remainder.

Solar Energy

Solar power is a clean and renewable energy source. GongMaw’s investment of solar energy can help to keep non-renewable energy sources, protect the environment and reduce carbon emission.


GongMaw participates actively in CDP and has received C rating in 2019. In year 2020, our rating was raised to B which is above the average of companies in our category.

Employee Training

GongMaw implements TTQS, a completed training system, to provide employees variety trainings and conferences in the field of specialist knowledge to improve their own competences and efficiency.

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Employee Health Care

Provide annual physical exam for employees.

Factory Integration

Increase self-production ability and integrate the production line in one factory to reduce the carbon footprint.