Human Resource

Training and Development

GongMaw trains and develops employees by applying an array of educational methods and programs which enable employees to dedicate what they have learnt into practice and gradually create a highly skilled workforce. Consequently, to strengthen our human assets and then to enhance operational efficiency and performance.
Moreover, GongMaw builds a completed training system that provides employees variety trainings and conferences in the field of specialist knowledge to improve their own competences and efficiency.

Training Policy

  1. Implement Internal Instructor Program to train internal supervisor to be able to convey their specialty, techniques, and years of experiences to employees.
  2. Combine the training activities and management strategy to achieve all employees’ growth in competency and performance.
  3. Providing supervisors management and leadership training to improve management efficiency.

Strategic Human Resource Development

GongMaw Training System

Employee training program is carried out base on the following roadmap:

  1. Management level training: new employee and manager training in order to improve employee’s ability in every level.
  2. Job-type based training: a program that provides solutions for every department’s potential problems and improves employees’ professional skills.
  3. Program training: a program that is for achieving specific goal, such as 5S management, internal instructor training, manufacturing quality enhancement, and etc.
  4. Self-development: a program that is for supporting employees’ self-development.