Private Label/Custom tool

Gong Maw is a professional locking pliers manufacturer in Taiwan and have devoted in this field for over 4 decades. In order to provide reasonable price, quality tool and thoughtful service, we are now a “One Stop” resource with a vertically integrated manufacturing facility that includes engineering design services, forging, metal stamping, plastic injection, assembly, packaging service, and QC inspection. Our extensive manufacturing capabilities and our passion for excellence will exceed your expectations! With years of experiences, no matter you just have an idea or you have a developed product, we can be your contract manufacturer. Or you need a source to start your business or expand your product line, we have various quality vice grips for diverse applications just waiting for your label! We are here ready to be your partner!

Why partner with Gong Maw?

When you choose us as your contract manufacturer or private label manufacturer, you gain the following benefit.

One-Stop Service:

Give us your idea or the market you are involved in, we will do the rest for you!

High Standard Quality Control:

Our quality control starts from raw material, every stage of production to finished product in order to ensure the high-end quality we deliver.

Trouble solving:

no more a long list of factories to integrate! Work with us, we can save your problem! No only we are able to provide you customized hand tools, we also can help you to source other products you need and ship them together to save your time to find quality tools and save the delivery cost.

Green Procurement:

By sourcing with one stop service supplier, carbon footprint can efficiently be reduced.

Annual Growth in Production Capacity

With applying lean management, increasing self-production ability, importing advanced equipment, adapting robotic automation system in manufacturing and supporting employee training, Gong Maw's production capacity is able to increase continuously every year!

Packaging and Packing

Blisters, clamshells, trays, pouch bag, hang card, display box, box and cartons, we provide variety of packaging to build your own products.

In-house Manufacturing

In order to provide reasonable price, we increase the in-house manufacturing ability, including forging, stamping, laser cutting, broaching, brazing and injection to control the production process and quality.
That’s why we are able to provide much more flexibility in customizing products. We also import robotic welding and robotic pressing to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Innovated R & D

Whether you have an idea or a developed product, our R&D team can help!

Value-added Service

Changing the color of the pliers, laser on your logo or pattern and customized packaging.
We also provide soft grip and different adjusting screws for you to choose. All in all are for building your own unique tool and to help your product stand out from others!