Supply durable and quality locking pliers, vice grip, locking clamp and pinch pliers for various of industry to improve working efficiency is our goal.

  • Automatic locking pliers: Automatic self sizing locking clamps squeeze to lock automatically! No jaw adjustment needed !
  • Locking Pliers: Automotive repair, vehicle repair, industry tool, metal work, wood work, welding, plumbing, DIY work, roof repair, construction, fence repair ? Gong Maw provide various hand tools, specialty tools for all kinds of work !
  • C Clamp: Wide open jaws help to clamp or hold object in place, especially useful for wood working, welding, soldering and building.
  • Pistol Grips: Long needle jaw with pistol shape for confined space and also protecting wrist and providing up to 50% more force.
  • Pinch off pliers: Squeeze to lock! No need to adjust the jaw! Handy tool for blocking the hose or clipping the spring hose clamp in automotive repair, maintenance, plumbing, HVAC.
  • Axial Welding Pliers: Slim profile can easily access in limited space. Suitable for Automotive body repair, metal work, welding and soldering.
  • French Type: 4 stages jaw opening for quick adjusting. Difference Jaw for variety of applications like holding, clamping, twisting, gripping objects.
  • German Type: Bigger pliers for bigger hands! Provide universal jaw, curved jaw, swivel jaw, fork jaw for welding and clamping pipe or tube.
  • Automatic water pump: 6 positions for quick and easy jaw adjustment. Squeeze to lock to improve efficiency for plumbing, mechanic, engineering.