Pinch Off Pliers

Pinch-off pliers are one of the most reliable tools to handle flexible tubing. Vice grips in garages are a must when you need auto repair tools and are commonly used as HVAC tools. These locking pliers can employ a hose block to allow you to work without concern for spills or leaks.

When it comes to locking pliers manufacturers, many rely on GongMaw. We are the leading manufacturer of vice grips in Taiwan. Choose the best locking pliers made in Taiwan for your business today.

Versatility for Maintenance and Replacement

These hose pinch pliers can work on a wide range of tubes. You can buy a bigger one to increase the diameter. Our locking pliers from Taiwan can work on:

  • Vacuum lines
  • Fuel lines
  • Coolant lines
  • And many more

While other tools may work for the same job, they run the risk of damaging your pipes and tubing. These vice grip pliers have a specific design for tubes. The locking clamps ensure that the opening seals shut during work.

Numerous Uses

Aside from clamping down on tubes, there are also many other ways you can use locking c clamps. The locking clamp works for a variety of household or professional work. These include:

  • Holding: The vice grip clamps provide you with a more comfortable grip for awkward-to-hold items.
  • Wire cutting: The rear section of the grip lock pliers has enough edge to cut down wiring if needed.
  • Extracting nuts and bolts: Sometimes bolts become rounded to the point that a wrench will not work. Our locking pliers made in Taiwan can clamp down and remove them.

GongMaw: One of the Top Vice Grips Suppliers in the Country

GongMaw is one of the leading locking pliers companies. We specialize in creating locking c-clamps and other vice grips that offer plenty of utility. We took what made the best locking pliers famous and enhanced it even further. Inquire from us today.