Automatic Water Pump Pliers

Water pump pliers are a necessary part of any professional's toolset. You can use it for pipe wrenches, making it very effective as a tool for engineers and plumbers alike.

As one of the leading locking pliers manufacturers from Taiwan, GongMaw offers high-quality products. The grips of our water pump pliers are designed for maximum comfort and the steel alloy construction ensures it will last a long time. All of these features come at excellent prices.

Water Pump Pliers from Taiwan

Aside from plumping work, water pump pliers work well for a variety of other tasks. They are ideal for the following jobs:

  • Gripping and turning industrial items like bolts and nuts.
  • Cut thick metal for plumbing
  • Holding and cutting automotive and household items

Our automatic pipe wrenches from Taiwan can adjust to the size of the task. It does most of the work on the grip without needing much effort from you. You can work on it one hand, and its design can allow you to seamlessly switch between different workpieces

Some of the features of our pliers include:

  • High-strength rivets
  • Non-slip grip
  • Heat-treated teeth
  • Long handle
  • Hardened jaws

Automatic water pump pliers are worth the investment, as they are usable in almost any industry. You can use them as an engineer tool, a plumber tool, or even for DIY jobs around your home. Because of their affordable price and long-lasting durability, you won't go wrong buying one for your toolset. If you're looking for more locking pliers, be sure to check out our selection.