Handle Styles Differences

What’s the difference of the locking pliers’ handle styles? Which handle style of locking pliers should I choose?

GongMaw is a professional and leading manufacturer of locking pliers and has been supplied tools worldwide. As different countries have their own desired handle styles, GongMaw provides 3 styles of handle to satisfy customers from different countries’ favors.

American Style

The first locking pliers were invented by William S. Petersen who came up an idea of combining pliers and vise, then added a locking system which was able to provide more leverage and torque. And because Petersen is American and also this style is popular in America, we name this handle style as American Style.

European Style

The locking pliers then was spread to Europe and was found very helpful in clamping things together. Later they developed their own fashion in the handle and became another handle style.

Easy Release Style

For offer more convenience and comfort experience for users, GongMaw develops a new revolutionary handle style which has a soft grip and remove the release lever. The soft grip reduces vibration and hand fatigue, improves comfort and leverage, and also avoid slippery. Without the release lever, your finger or gloves won’t be caught by the gap between the release lever and lower handle accidently. The main spotlight of this style is its special mechanism design allows you to lock and release effortlessly when you strengthen the torque. Because of its effortless released design making user easy to use, we named this style as “Easy Release Style.”


All in all, though the handle styles are different, the functions are the same. Which handle style you should buy? It depends on which style you like or your target customers like to use. You can also gain the knowledge of how to use the locking pliers or how to use those 3 handle styles before making decision.