Parallel grip

Parallel grip
Parallel grip
Parallel grip
Parallel grip
Parallel grip

310PSE - 10 inch / 256 mm

310PSLE - 10 inch / 256 mm

310PSE - 0~110 mm

310PSLE - 0~190 mm

310PSE - 60 mm

310PSLE - 60 mm

310PSE - 125 mm

310PSLE - 215 mm

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Strong Hardened Jaws

Jaws are made of Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel gives you maximum durability and increased gripping power.

Sliding bar with moveable jaw

The moveable jaw can be positioned at any point along its bar.

Special Biting surface of Jaw

The designs of the jaws give them flex-fighting rigidity which increases the stability of the grip they develop.

Adjustable nut

The nut on the lower hand can adjust the jaw angle up to 7 degrees for clamping tapered parts or oblique surface.

Adjustment Knob

The screw in the upper handle controls the amount of pressure generated when fully closed.

Squeeze to lock, pull to loosen

European type of handle. Simply squeeze the handle to.


Use Music wire (JIS G 3522) to provide high durability and be able to withstand repeated loads and high.

Nickel-plated finish

Jaw, handle, lever, and linkage arm are shot peened to clean the surface and to make the surfaces even and consistent. The final finish is coated with the durable nickel plating that creates corrosion resistant coating.

Item no.
Jaw Capacity
Jaw Width
Sliding Bar Length
10 inch/256mm 0~110mm 60mm 125mm
10 inch/265 mm 0~190mm 60mm 215mm
  • Handle Style:European type
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
  • Jaw Material: Chrome Molybdenum
  • Handle Material: Chrome Molybdenum
  • Packaging: PE bag
Release Lever Grip

Available for American and European Type of handle. Color is optional.

Upper Handle Grip

Upper handle grip offers ergonomic comfort and helps to reduce strain Available for American, European and Easy Release Type of handle.
Color is optional.

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