Locking C-Clamps EUR Series

Locking C-Clamps EUR Series
Locking C-Clamps EUR Series
Locking C-Clamps EUR Series
Locking C-Clamps EUR Series

With Swivel Pads

403CL - 8 inch / 195 mm

403CLW - 9 inch / 230 mm

405CLW - 9 inch / 230 mm

403CL - 70 mm

403CLW - 70 mm

405CLW - 150 mm

403CL - 30 mm

403CLW - 60 mm

405CLW - 60 mm

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Strong Hardened Jaws

Constructed of heat-treated alloy steel gives you maximum durability and increased gripping power.

Swivel Pads With Smooth Pattern

Swivel pads with smooth pattern which provides stable horizontal clamping and extra holding power.

Extreme Clamping Capacity

Max. clamping capacity 70 ~150 mm.

Quick Size Adjusting

Flexible clamping size directly setting by adjusting bolts allows various clamping actions.

U Shaped Arms

U shaped arms allow to clamp variety shapes materials while providing greater versatility. Suitable for welding, wood working, carpenter, engineer, and etc.

Slim Profile

Slim profile allows to access in confined, narrow space.

Squeeze To Lock, Pull Up To Loosen

Unique design of European handle. Simply squeeze the handle to lock and pull up the release lever to loosen.


Jaw, handle, lever, and linkage arm are shot peened to clean the surface and to make the surfaces even and consistent. The final finish is coated with the durable black liquid coating that creates corrosion resistant coating.

Item no.
Jaw Capacity
Throat Depth
8 inch / 195 mm 70mm 30mm
9 inch / 230 mm 70mm 60mm
9 inch / 230 mm 150mm 60mm
  • Handle Style:European type
  • Finish: Black Liquid Coating
  • Jaw Material: Carbon Steel
  • Handle Material: Carbon Steel
  • Packaging: PE bag
Optional Finish

Nickel plated, phosphate finish, and black liquid coating. Color is optional.

GongMaw offers optional finish for you to customize the locking pliers quickly and easily.

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