Locking C-Clamps

Locking C-Clamps
Locking C-Clamps
Locking C-Clamps
Locking C-Clamps
Easy Release
Locking C-Clamps

306RAET - 6 inch / 150 mm

311RAET - 11 inch / 275 mm

306RAET - 36 mm

311RAET - 88 mm

306RAET - ↕60 / ↔ 35 mm

311RAET - ↕90 / ↔ 75 mm

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Strong Hardened Jaws

Constructed of heat-treated Chrome Molybdenum alloy steel gives you maximum durability and increased gripping power.

Patented design

Patented Easy Release Handle allows to quick release with less effort than other types of handles.
The soft, durable and non-slip grip provides comfort, great performance, and less hand fatigue.

Slim profile

Slim profile allows to access in confined, narrow space.

Smooth jaws

Smooth jaw can provide a strong force at the tip to hold tapered work, awkward materials and delicate projects without damaging its surface.

U shaped arms

U shaped arms allow to clamp variety shapes materials while providing greater versatility. Suitable for welding, wood working, carpenter, engineer, and etc.


Ideal for clamping, holding or griping sheet metals, angular stock, and etc. Suitable for metal work, welding, soldering, metal processing, wood working and etc.

Easy Release

Easy Release type of handle allows to simply squeeze the handle to lock and pull away the handle to loosen.

Adjustment Knob

Knob with knurling texture allows to adjust the jaw capacity and locking pressure easily even wearing gloves or having slippery hands.
Screw in to increase the pressure. Screw out to enlarge the jaw's opening.


Use high carbon steel wire to provide high durability and be able to withstand repeated loads and high stress while retaining the elasticity.

Nickel-plated finish

Jaw, handle, lever, and linkage arm are shot peened to clean the surface and to make the surfaces even and consistent. The final finish is coated with the durable nickel plating that creates corrosion resistant coating.

Item no.
Jaw Capacity
Jaw Width
Throat Depth
6 inch / 150 mm 36 mm 60mm 35mm
11 inch / 275 mm 88 mm 90mm 75mm
  • Handle Style: Easy Release type
  • Finish: Nickel Plated
  • Jaw Material: Chrome Vanadium
  • Handle Material: Chrome Molybdenum
  • Packaging: PE bag
Easy Release Grip

Soft, non-slip grip offers comfort and less hand fatigue.
Optional color for building your own product.

Upper Handle Grip

Upper handle grip offers ergonomic comfort and helps to reduce strain Available for American, European and Easy Release Type of handle.
Color is optional.

Screw with inner hex on head. Use a hex key to tighten the adjustment screw.
Nickel plating or black coated

Screw with a hole. Insert a screwdriver or hex key into the hole to create an extra leverage to tightening the adjustment screw.
• Nickel plating
• Red Coating

Blister pack with a sliding card.

The paperboard card can advertise your brand, contain information and etc. The blister shell provides the maximum visibility and protection, and also displays the quality and size of the product.

Half double blister-pressed

The sliding paperboard card can advertise your brand, contain information and etc. The 2-piece clamshell with button snaps allows for easy opening and closing. Also, it provides maximum visibility to displays the quality and size of the product. The half pack way allows consumers to experience the product.

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